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Harmonia Bookshelf: Wooden Shelves, Iron Frame - 75 cm

Harmonia Bookshelf: Wooden Shelves, Iron Frame - 75 cm

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75 cm
95 cm 170 cm
Shelf: Black Oak

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Elegance and Functionality Combined: Harmonia Bookshelf.

Harmonia Collection - Walnut and oak shelves, black iron-framed modular bookshelf animation in different sizes

Harmonia Bookshelf, providing a visually stunning appearance, creates a natural atmosphere in your living space with different wood tones. Its open shelves and dynamic placements emphasize minimal lines.

Not only does Harmonia Bookshelf stand out aesthetically, but it also grabs attention with its functionality. Fitting perfectly in any space, this bookshelf adds freshness and elegance to your home. Additionally, it's an ideal option for showcasing decorative objects alongside your books.

With its elegant lines, minimal style, and functionality, Harmonia Bookshelf is the perfect choice to complete your living space.

Product Dimensions

Harmonia koleksiyonu - Meşe raflı, siyah metal çerçeveli, 75 cm modüler büyük kitaplık ölçüleri - Genişlik: 75 cm, Derinlik: 29 cm, Yükseklik: 180 cm
Genişlik 75.5 cm
Derinlik (ayaklarla beraber) 34.4 cm
Yükseklik 180 cm
Raf derinliği 29.4 cm
Demir çapı 2.5 cm

Material Information

As each product features a natural wood veneer, the texture of each item is unique. Therefore, variations in grain patterns and color tones may be observed.

Frame The entire frame is made of rust-resistant iron material. It is painted using electrostatic painting technique, making it scratch-resistant and durable.
Shelves Made from MDF material with a natural wood veneer. We offer Oak and Walnut options.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Can be cleaned by wiping with a soft soapy cloth.

Dry with a clean cloth.

Tighten the screws approximately two weeks after assembly for proper fitting and sturdiness, and repeat as needed.

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We provide free shipping for our products within 3 weeks (additional days may apply to eastern provinces of Ankara). The items are securely packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Our modules are packed in slim boxes suitable for transportation, making it easy to pass through any door.

The exact delivery date cannot be provided in advance. For scheduled deliveries, you can select the desired delivery day from the provided calendar. For unscheduled deliveries, the delivery takes place on the estimated delivery day planned by the logistics company.

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You can return the products you purchased within 30 days of the product's delivery. For detailed information about cancellation and return processes, you can refer to our guidelines here.