Experience AR Technology!

See it in your space!

Thanks to the AR (Augmented Reality) technology on our product pages, you can experience the 3D view of our products in real-time. This technology allows you to see our products in your own environment in their actual dimensions more detailedly.

Try different fabrics and colors, move the product in your room, and see how it looks directly on your mobile device.

To use the AR viewing tool, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the AR Viewing Tool: Look for an option like "AR Viewing" or "View in Your Space" on the relevant product page.

  2. Direct Your Camera to the Target: Once you've activated the AR viewing mode, point your camera to the area where you want to place the item.

  3. Select and Place the Product: Choose the product you want to view and place it on your screen. The application displays the product in actual size and perspective.

  4. Examine the Details: After placing the product, you can examine details, rotate, and zoom in or out.

  5. Make Adjustments as Needed: Some apps allow you to adjust lighting or color options. Make adjustments according to your preferences.

  6. Use Purchase or Sharing Options: If you like what you see, you can use options on the product page such as purchasing or sharing on social media.

The AR technology enables you to view products using the camera of your mobile device or tablet in the real-world environment. Thus, you can better understand the real dimensions, materials, and other features of our products. Additionally, through AR technology, you can virtually place our products in your home or workplace to preview how they will look.

By using AR technology on our website, we aim to present our products more realistically, enhance your virtual shopping experience, and help you choose the right product. Moreover, with AR technology, you can perform a preview of the installation or placement of our products in your space.

You can visit our product pages on our site to experience our products with AR technology. Please note that there may be differences in light and texture between the actual product and the AR image.