Eco-Friendly Production!

Solar panels installed on the factory roof

We generate electricity for our factory using solar panels.

Environment and sustainability are crucial to us. We source our factory's electricity sustainably through solar panels, preserving natural resources and striving for a greener world. Additionally, we encourage innovative energy solutions and eco-friendly practices.

Raw form of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

Every part of wood is valuable. We choose MDF to preserve this natural beauty.

Wood, known for its natural and warm qualities, is preserved to achieve our zero-waste goal through the use of MDF. Additionally, we minimize waste during production, efficiently using wood and fulfilling our responsibility to protect forests.

Cardboard boxes for packaging

We value every piece and work for Zero Waste.

When delivering our products to you, we not only settle for quality and secure packaging but also minimize waste and utilize recycling facilities. We design custom boxes for each product, preventing damage during transport and reducing unnecessary paper usage. Additionally, we aim to create a sustainable loop by incorporating leftover pieces into recycling processes, showcasing our commitment to environmentally friendly practices while delivering quality products to you.

A view of trees valued by Lagoma from below

Sustainable designs for a green future.

We will continue to adhere to sustainability principles in every step to protect natural resources and leave a more livable world for future generations.